REVIEW: Seagoth – Dreamworld

WAM Magazine

This dreamy piece by 19 year old Georgia Ochoa, inspires the sense of drifting between dream and reality. Frittering between visions of airy mountain tops and an unawareness of the physical plane to be brought back to earth; where the will to return to a place of peace and space is interrupted by the regular mortal coils of life that we sometimes cannot put our finger on.

“Wake me up, something keeps waking me up / But I keep coming back here in my dreams”

Like a Lo-Fi Lady Hawke, Seagoth hypnotises with elements of MGMT and Kings of Leon – echoed in the well-camouflaged electric guitar and sprinkles of synth. Produced using an iPhone, this creation is testament to smart use of modern technology. A simple and effective, catchy bass surfaces giving undulation to the melodies; and soundscapes bring forth the dreamy vibe with birdsong.

An inaudible male voice reminds me of being a child sleeping through my parents watching TV downstairs. A comforting sense of hope and possibility is resonated in the surprisingly upbeat chorus. – An incredibly intelligent piece to relax to while drifting back and forth in time with modern elements in a retro shell. Thank you Andrea from @urbanvikingrecords for another great review. ‘Dreamworld’ is out now!