REVIEW: Alan Jacob – Angel Constellation

WAM magazine

Musical genius, Alan Jacob, has written and produced this perceptive piece of soothing electronic trance-industrial fusion. Angel Constellation reflects a need for peace in a world of chaos!

Alan is well known among the Northwest music community as a multi-instrumentalist and superb performer. Alan appears regularly in several bands and is always up for a show. Of late, he has been turning his attention to his solo projects, amongst everything else he does. This prolific songwriter is simply spewing creativity!

Lyrically, Angel Constellation refers to that moment when you might be trying to get to sleep and the world seems too fast to slow down. He transcends into a celestial, spiritual Nirvana, lighting the way for his protagonist to find a sense of calm. The song has a soothing lo-fi 80’s vibe, with instant warmth. I felt myself feeling a sense of fluidity and would certainly use this track to relax to.

Listen to Alan Jacob on [WAM] Exposure via our catch up page over here. The show included 3 acoustic tracks, an exclusive airing of his new single Angel Constellation and just general craziness..

The percussive elements reveal Alan’s first love – the drums – showing his excellent timing and structure. This dreamy, undulating piece is a testament to Alan’s insightful songwriting talent.