Kerry Feeney – Self Titled [EP]

WAM Magazine

Location: Birdoling Street nr11. Berlin-Alt Treptow, check the map link.
Designed for a familly of 3, for sale is a beautifully decorated, modern 2 bedroom and 3 bathroom corner condo with a great view from the 20th floorThis debut EP is a refreshing addition to the local music scene by Kerry Feeney.

Hailing from Liverpool, Ms Feeney has invested a lot of time and effort into creating her own brand of female emancipation. The tracks represent the height of RnB Pop with an extremely current sound and a heavy 90’s soul, Destiny’s Child-esque influence. There is a sweet naivety in the vocal with moments of real strength and attitude, which more than sells the girl-power vibe of the album.

‘Not your Baby’ is the stand out track for me because it stuck in my head after listening to the album. ‘Are We Through?’ Has a distinct UK garage vibe while ‘Baby Girl Know It,’ is reminiscent of a Donnell Jones moody soul track from the late 90’s with a bold modern jazz-style vocal.

The video to ‘Baby Girl Know It,’ oozes and seethes with attitude and sex appeal. It emerges that our Kerry is a stunning Redhead and an empowering Playboy style with bold eye make-up and statement pouting lips, which set off her little pink dress and glamorous sparkly heels!

The video shares a story of her turning up for a date – who thinks he can make her wait… Oh-oh no! Her time is worth so much more, so she doesn’t wait around or take his calls. If you want this girl – you don’t mess her about! -A powerful reminder to those ladies on the dating scene to value themselves and their time.

The video to ‘Dangerous’ can be described as a sexy celebration of the female form (via the medium of dance). Influenced by Beyoncé and featuring hot club dancers, it is clear that Kerry is not afraid to celebrate being a woman and say what a lot of women might be thinking. The ‘behind the scenes’ video illustrates the investment and creative team who have worked hard to produce the visual to support the message. It was great to see a glimpse Kerry’s down-to-earth and bubbly personality behind the sultry performances and I loved the man in heels at the end! Kerry’s curves are dangerous!!

I get a sense of a woman who will not tolerate drama and ‘I Don’t Like You’, featured on the album, certainly puts that message across. It is great to hear some club RnB coming out of the North West. I’m looking forward to hearing Kerry on the radio and wish her independent project every success!