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Having survived many personal challenges, Andrea Bibby, author of The Art of Starting Again, has started again in life, more times than she would have wished.

Covering issues such as domestic abuse, anxiety, grief, divorce, healing, self care and goal setting, Andrea's books and blogs are intended to inspire others to come through the hard times and rebuild their lives in a new and constructive way.


Creative Healing

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Have you ever struggled to heal from a life event?

Are you naturally creative, but feel like circumstances have held you back?

My blog is all about helping others find their creative voice and cope under pressure. These are strange times we live in. The creative industries can offer an outlet for personal expression.

From a perspective of various disciplines within the arts – film, music, visual art, writing; and as a publisher, I can offer tips and ideas to bring out the creativity in you.

Are you dealing with trauma?

Using personal experience and extensive reading, I hope to guide others on their healing journey. Through wellbeing practices such as Reiki, Yoga and Ayurveda.

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This used to be my philosophy when I was younger. You sh*t on me, I will sh*t on you; you ignore me, I will make my own fun. It took some time before I learned – life does not work that way...