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Urban Viking Woman

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Blind Orb, is the name given to electronic-based music projects by Andrea Bibby. Her creative output is wide and varied, including music, books, fine art and digital designs.

Recently graduating with a Master of Arts from the University of the Highlands and Islands in Music and the Environment, Andrea has experience in the creative industries; from journalism and artist and event management, to writing, composition, production and performance.

Andrea is the Director of Andrea Bibby LTD, a publishing company based in Shetland with current distribution in the US. The focus of her business is inspiration and empowerment.

The architect of Shetland Unplugged, Andrea works with Shetland Arts to create a popular live-streamed music event. - Andrea enjoys creating a scene!

This mirrors events in the noughties Melbourne'e grass-roots scene where she united a collective of bands and artists, some of whom she managed. Mostly held in the Espy basement in St Kilda, the shows were called Rock in the City ,and featured notable performances by Creech, Toby Rand and Justin Murphy.

Throughout the pandemic, Andrea kept busy producing her debut album, Urban Viking Woman, a homage to her juxtaposition of growing up in Warrington's 90's clubland and spending time healing from life's challenges in Shetland's Viking country, with her industry teething roots, set in three Australian states. 

The album itself, is a collection of downtempo and ambient pieces based on the desire for peace and belonging.

Urban Viking Woman is complimented by the impending release of Urban Pieces, a compilation of upbeat, dance and pop tracks, featuring collaborations with other artists, writers and producers. Mickey Bing, Vanessa Bebbington and Alan Jacob among them.

A Road Less Travelled


Born in Warrington Cheshire, Andrea began her music career in a teen band called The Strawberry Blondes. She became a teacher, after Graduating from the University of Chester, then emigrated to Australia.

After a few years of teaching, DJing and organising music events, she quit teaching and worked with the Australian Songwriters Association, running events called Wax Lyrical

After forming a band called the Redback Rollers, Andrea began organising events in Melbourne called Rock in the City. Throughout the years, Andrea has managed several bands and artists.

Writing for The Dwarf, Andrea got to cover events such as The DMC World DJ Championship, and interview artists like, Gym Class Heroes and The Editors, giving reviews of albums by the likes of Airbourne and The Chemical Brothers. More recently, Andrea has been writing for WAM magazine in the UK.

On her return to the UK, Andrea has focused on writing books to publish on her own publishing label, Andrea Bibby.

Andrea graduated from the University of the Highlands and Islands in 2020, with an MA in Music and the Environment. In recent years, Andrea Has organised an event called Shetland Unplugged and produced two albums of music.



Her self-help book, The Art of Starting Again, is due for release this summer, along with two albums of music and several children's books.

Andrea  blogs as @urbanvikingwoman for wellbeing and has appeared as an extra on The Real Housewives of Cheshire and Shetland, the detective series.