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Chillout to Blind Orb

Lounge - Chillout - Downtempo

Blind Orb Music Releases

Check out the music available for download. Genres include dance, pop, chillout and downtempo.

Wellbeing books & Blog

Inspirational books and a blog by Andrea Bibby. @urbanvikingwoman

Urban Viking Kids

Andrea Bibby designs and writes children's books. Urban Viking Kids is her YouTube Kids channel.

Adult non-fiction

Record label featuring dance, chillout and downtempo music


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Last held in Shetland 2019. Shetland Unplugged was a huge success with thousands of online viewers.

One Night... In Shetland

Shetland can be a very surprising place.  I was completely aligned after camping out in my car at this amazing mini-rave festival. 

Wellbeing Writer


Having survived many personal challenges, Andrea Bibby, author of The Art of Starting Again, has started again in life, more times than she would have wished.

Covering issues such as domestic abuse, anxiety, grief, divorce, healing, self care and goal setting, Andrea's books and blogs are intended to inspire others to come through the hard times and rebuild their lives in a new and constructive way.



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Blind Orb: Music Artist

Dance - Urban - Chillout - Downtempo - Lounge

Blind Orb, is the name given to electronic-based music projects by Andrea Bibby. Her creative output is wide and varied, including music, books, journalism, fine art and digital designs.

The debut album Urban Viking Woman, is a collection of downtempo and ambient pieces based on the desire for peace and belonging.

Urban Viking Woman is complimented by the impending release of Urban Pieces, a compilation of upbeat, dance and pop tracks, featuring collaborations with other artists, writers and producers. Mickey Bing, Vanessa Bebbington and Alan Jacob among them.

The architect of 'Shetland Unplugged' Andrea works with Shetland Arts to create a popular live-streamed music event.

Andrea owns Urban Viking Records.


Music Videos

Blind Orb's YouTube Channel features music of dance, pop, chillout and downtempo genres.

Music available on all platforms. Released on Urban Viking Records.

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An ambient piece of electronic music by Blind Orb. Written and produced at Andrea's home studio.


A downtempo electronic piece. Written and produced by Blind Orb at her home studio.

Industrial Revolution [Ft Alan Jacob]

A pop song, industrial in nature. Created at Tuff Gong Studios in Warrington. Written by Andrea Bibby, CB Leonard, Alan Jacob and Latch. Produced by Latch and Alan Jacob.


Andrea Bibby